St. Joseph’s Lifestyle

The environment of St. Joseph’s Rest Home is unique. It is situated at the corner of Front Street and Preakness Avenue in Paterson, NJ, facing the park with its famous Passaic River. The outside porch is a favorite place for the Residents who enjoy watching students coming and going from Kennedy High School, during the school year and marveling at the color change of the trees as seasons follow one another. Not too far from the facility is the National Park of the Great Paterson Falls which visitors enjoy all year round.



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A Chapel, on the Convent side, is opened all day for those who wish to have quiet time of recollection and reflection. The celebration of the Holy Eucharist is also offered daily. The common areas offer opportunities for socializing. There are two large screen TV, a piano and a portable electric keyboard available for use by the residents and their guests.